Polka Dots

Monday, January 25, 2010

Catch Up....

So like I said we got married on July 18th, 2008. We are now pushing on 2 years. We like to think we are married veterans :) Stefen is going to be graduating soon! Yay! He is graduating in environmental engineering and is all into the "going green" scene. We can't put any sort of harmful substance down the drain at our house. I love that I married to such a determined, and focused person. I thankfully will be graduating next year with an education degree in history, and art history. I hopefully will be teaching ASAP.

Since our wedding, we have been able to go on a lot of fun vacations, and we even got a pet. His name is "bear" and yes, he is a bunny. I love him with all my heart but Stefen would like to shoot him if he could. It has been such a blast to get to know each other's families. We honestly love our parents SO SO much. And much to my mother’s dismay, I still practically live at my family’s house. My sister loves to remind me "this is not where you live any more... go home". My siblings LOVE Stefen and I sometimes think they would take Stefen over me :). They all just think he is the greatest thing ever! I have had such a blast fitting into Stefen's family, they are the greatest. It has been so fun being the only girl. However, I think that may end. Stefen's brothers are studs and I am pretty sure they all will be married before too long.

Our life is basic and simple, but we love it and wouldn't want it any other way. We are thankful for the gospel and for our wonderful family and friends!


  1. Hi Kamree! It's Liana! I am happy you have a blog!!! Add mine to your list! :) You 2 are soooo cute!!!!