Polka Dots

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dear Dear Sweet Disneyland!!!

Can I just tell everyone how much I ADORE disneyland. Is there a more magical place on earth? I really don't think so. I had been planning a trip to disneyland for honestly nine months. I had every minute planned out... we used this thing called RideMax and it calculates the wait times and puts together a schedule so you don't have to wait for longer then 15 minutes on any ride. If you are going to disneyland or disneyworld this is  MUST you can buy it at www.ridemax.com. Stefen and I hadn't been on a vacation with just us since our honeymoon so it was so fun to be able to be together and not have to worry about school, work, or keeping up with our fams. I of course turned into a five year old and got my mickey sweater and everything. Stefen soon became intoxicated with the magic and we had to BEST BEST TIME.
We went to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and trick er'treated. We rode every ride at least twice and I made sure we rode Tower of Terror seven times. It is my favorite and for the first five times Stefen was cussing my name the whole ride but he ended up loving it. If you haven't been to disneyland for a while you have to go. I was moved to tears at one point because it really is all about following your dreams and imaging your own fairy tale. I know that is so cliche and cheesy but it is true. It was amazing what dear Walt was able to accomplish and how many people he has touched just by dreaming. (Yes if you are wondering I am feeling a little sentimental today hence, the cheesy theory about Disneyland)
Okay so cream cheese pretzel was the best thing ever
we each had ten each not exaggerating 

Notice how I am elated and Stefen looks terrified
P.S. I know it looks like I lived in the blue jacket while we were there but it just so happened that every time we took a picture I was cold and the only jacket I had was this one....

Thursday, October 7, 2010


So a couple of days ago I got in such a bad accident on I-15. I was getting off the center street exit and all of the sudden traffic came to a complete stop. Me being the amazing driver that I am (ha) managed NOT to hit the person in front of me, however I got slammed so hard from both back and side impacts. It was honestly the scariest thing ever! So I was the first car in a 10 car pile up, and I watched the whole thing from my rear view mirror. The police came and had to pull a couple of people from their cars with the jaws of life and they shut down the whole freeway. I somehow by the grace of Heavenly Father was able to walk away. I had some serious torn muscles and a couple of displaced ribs, but I was fine. I did have to wear a wretched neck brace for a week but other then that I was fine. Stefen's brothers were SO sweet, they made me cookies, and came and visited me. It was probably the nicest thing they have done so far. I LOVED IT :). Honestly someone was looking out for me, because even the officer and attending ambulance personal said it was unbelievable I was alive, and even more amazing I was able to walk. What a miracle :).

Thursday, September 30, 2010

January to Now :)

Seeing that I haven't blogged since January. I am going to do a quick update.
It has been a great year thus far filled with happiness, grief, sadness, stress, and finding that the most important thing in the world is family.
February... We had the best Valentines Day in San Diego with my family, worked, I quit my job, got hired to do all of the cheerleading for American Fork Little League.
March... Mid-Terms, visited family, held tryouts for cheerleading.
April.... Stefen went home to visit his sweet family, I went on a shopping girls trip with my mommy, sister and Grandma. Finished Finals, we both got on the Dean's list.. YAY!
May.... Cheerleading, working full time.... ROME!!!
June..... ROME, GREECE, TURKEY. Started learning Italian, Cheerleading, work and visiting fam.
July.... Celebrated our 2nd Anniversary, ate at our favorite place Grappa, babysat while my parents went away, swam a lot ... YAY!
August... My 21st birthday, yes I am finally legal. My dear great grandma passed away and joined my great grandfather. My sweet grandfather (daddy's dad) passed away in a drowning accident. Funerals, and lots of grief and missing him. Our senior year started... we are almost done :). Played my harp in a two week run of the King and I musical. Stefen's brothers moved to Provo. YAY! WE MISSED THEM.
September.... Sold our condo in Draper. Packed up, looked for houses then decided to move in with my darling grandma and aunt in Cedar Hills. School, getting ready for cheer competitions, and Stefen doing a lot of work and school. Loving life :).
Feeding the cute little giraffes @ San Diego Wild Animal Park

The view from our room on Valentines Night

Rome, we had family pictures taken :) It was SOO fun we seriously felt like we were in a photo shoot

We love gellatto!! Please look at my face haha...

Enjoying the last of the summer warmth..... I still love to pretend that I am Belle on Beauty and the Beast and blowing the dandelions...

Worst Blogger EVER!

Okay so I made a new goal that I am going to update this thing once a week. Stef and I went through a period where we were anti tech. we deleted are facebooks and blog. But we decided to stay on top of things and keep in contact we were going to do a blog. So I am not really going to update facebook, I haven't even decided if I am going to get one again, soooo for an update on our lives look here :). Also, add us to your lists of blogs so we can stay in contact with you!
The new and improved Kamree :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Catch Up....

So like I said we got married on July 18th, 2008. We are now pushing on 2 years. We like to think we are married veterans :) Stefen is going to be graduating soon! Yay! He is graduating in environmental engineering and is all into the "going green" scene. We can't put any sort of harmful substance down the drain at our house. I love that I married to such a determined, and focused person. I thankfully will be graduating next year with an education degree in history, and art history. I hopefully will be teaching ASAP.

Since our wedding, we have been able to go on a lot of fun vacations, and we even got a pet. His name is "bear" and yes, he is a bunny. I love him with all my heart but Stefen would like to shoot him if he could. It has been such a blast to get to know each other's families. We honestly love our parents SO SO much. And much to my mother’s dismay, I still practically live at my family’s house. My sister loves to remind me "this is not where you live any more... go home". My siblings LOVE Stefen and I sometimes think they would take Stefen over me :). They all just think he is the greatest thing ever! I have had such a blast fitting into Stefen's family, they are the greatest. It has been so fun being the only girl. However, I think that may end. Stefen's brothers are studs and I am pretty sure they all will be married before too long.

Our life is basic and simple, but we love it and wouldn't want it any other way. We are thankful for the gospel and for our wonderful family and friends!