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Thursday, September 30, 2010

January to Now :)

Seeing that I haven't blogged since January. I am going to do a quick update.
It has been a great year thus far filled with happiness, grief, sadness, stress, and finding that the most important thing in the world is family.
February... We had the best Valentines Day in San Diego with my family, worked, I quit my job, got hired to do all of the cheerleading for American Fork Little League.
March... Mid-Terms, visited family, held tryouts for cheerleading.
April.... Stefen went home to visit his sweet family, I went on a shopping girls trip with my mommy, sister and Grandma. Finished Finals, we both got on the Dean's list.. YAY!
May.... Cheerleading, working full time.... ROME!!!
June..... ROME, GREECE, TURKEY. Started learning Italian, Cheerleading, work and visiting fam.
July.... Celebrated our 2nd Anniversary, ate at our favorite place Grappa, babysat while my parents went away, swam a lot ... YAY!
August... My 21st birthday, yes I am finally legal. My dear great grandma passed away and joined my great grandfather. My sweet grandfather (daddy's dad) passed away in a drowning accident. Funerals, and lots of grief and missing him. Our senior year started... we are almost done :). Played my harp in a two week run of the King and I musical. Stefen's brothers moved to Provo. YAY! WE MISSED THEM.
September.... Sold our condo in Draper. Packed up, looked for houses then decided to move in with my darling grandma and aunt in Cedar Hills. School, getting ready for cheer competitions, and Stefen doing a lot of work and school. Loving life :).
Feeding the cute little giraffes @ San Diego Wild Animal Park

The view from our room on Valentines Night

Rome, we had family pictures taken :) It was SOO fun we seriously felt like we were in a photo shoot

We love gellatto!! Please look at my face haha...

Enjoying the last of the summer warmth..... I still love to pretend that I am Belle on Beauty and the Beast and blowing the dandelions...

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  1. Kam! I am SO excited that you revived the blog! A couple months ago I was thinking about you, and I remembered you had a blog. Nothing. Then I looked for you on facebook. Nothing. Anyway, I am excited that you revived it.I LOVE your family pictures in Rome! Amazing! I am sorry to hear about your grandparents. That is so hard. We have a blog too, if you ever want to read it. It is: somersdays.blogspot.com. Love ya Kam! -Rochelle