Polka Dots

Thursday, October 7, 2010


So a couple of days ago I got in such a bad accident on I-15. I was getting off the center street exit and all of the sudden traffic came to a complete stop. Me being the amazing driver that I am (ha) managed NOT to hit the person in front of me, however I got slammed so hard from both back and side impacts. It was honestly the scariest thing ever! So I was the first car in a 10 car pile up, and I watched the whole thing from my rear view mirror. The police came and had to pull a couple of people from their cars with the jaws of life and they shut down the whole freeway. I somehow by the grace of Heavenly Father was able to walk away. I had some serious torn muscles and a couple of displaced ribs, but I was fine. I did have to wear a wretched neck brace for a week but other then that I was fine. Stefen's brothers were SO sweet, they made me cookies, and came and visited me. It was probably the nicest thing they have done so far. I LOVED IT :). Honestly someone was looking out for me, because even the officer and attending ambulance personal said it was unbelievable I was alive, and even more amazing I was able to walk. What a miracle :).

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